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Rotating Magic Bean-Pop Can Fidget Toy

Rotating Magic Bean-Pop Can Fidget Toy

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A fidget sensory toy that moves & rotates in both directions, a great interactive puzzle.

It encourages concentration & focus, strategic & logical thinking, patience & problem-solving skills to solve this great puzzle.

Challenges you're thinking while exercising your fingers, relieving stress while you play making it a great little desk toy for office & study, can be played anywhere, anytime at work, school & travel.

A great alternative to devices to occupy the mind.

Easy to carry & pack when traveling on long journeys.

A fun toy that challenges all the family & friends.

Novel gift for birthdays & Christmas.

Suitable for adults, children 8 years & older, elders.

Product Information:
Material: ABC plastic.
Colour: Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow.
Applicable: Adult, children 8 years & older, elders.
Package: Transparent plastic/paper box.
Package size: 5.3×5.3×6.5cm

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