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Akileine Anti- Perspiration Cream 50 ml

Akileine Anti- Perspiration Cream 50 ml

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For feet with excessive perspiration & bad odours (hyperhydrosis & mycosis).


Akileïne® Anti-perspirant Cream combats excessive perspiration, by regulating the flow of sweat & allowing the skin to breath. Thanks to its anti-bacterial benefits, the Anti-perspirant Cream also neutralises strong odours quickly. Protects the skin of the feet that may be irritated by excessive & profuse sweating, the feet are healthier and fragranced with regular use. Combine with our Greenline shoe spray.


Apply to the feet twice a day for 2 weeks, paying special attention to the sole and between the toes. Space out the applications after the second week of treatment.


Silk Lipesters®


50ml teub


Feet with strong perspiration and prone to mycosis

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