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iPad Glass Screen Protector 10.2

iPad Glass Screen Protector 10.2

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Crystal clear tempered glass that perfectly reflects the displayed colors and does not affect the sensitivity of the touch. It is made of light and tempered glass with a thickness of 0.26 mm. It has a surface hardness (resistance level) of 9H, therefore it is extremely scratch-resistant even when in contact with sharp objects (knife, keys). Additionally, it has an oleophobic coating that minimizes fingerprints or other contaminants. 9H Pro + perfectly protects your precious screen during extreme drops. Installation is extremely easy and accessible to any user.


1) Begin installation in the bathroom right after bathing - the steam will absorb all the dust from the atmosphere and it will not disturb your installation.

2) Thoroughly clean and degrease the screen surface, then use a dry cloth to polish it to shine.

3) Install the coating as evenly as possible - you can position it with two sheets of tape, sticking them to the side of the device.

4) Get rid of air bubbles by firmly pressing the whole thing in circular movements for several dozen seconds. Do this so that the adhesive layer adheres to the screen as much as possible.


- 100% Original.

- 9H hardness.

- Cut to the flat part of the display.

- 2.5D milled edges are nice to the touch.

- Additional oleophobic layer.

- Perfect transparency.

- Touch functionality is not affected.


1 x Glass Pro +

1 x Alcohol cloth.

1 x dry cloth.

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