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Akileine Absorbing Powder 75 gr.

Akileine Absorbing Powder 75 gr.

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Feet prone to excessive perspiration & strong odour.


Akileïne® Absorbing Powder dries wet feet from the first application and protects them by forming a protective film against friction and rubbing. Excess sweatiness is reduced and thus maceration and the spread of fungal infections is avoided, the latter also being combated by the anti-bacterial active ingredients. The feet are dry, refreshed, and perfumed.


Dust onto the feet, paying special attention to the sole and between the toes. Can be used in shoes. For children under the age of 3 only apply in shoes.


Silk Lipesters®


75 gr.


Feet with strong perspiration prone to mycosis, prolonged wearing of shoes and boots.

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