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360 Degree Rotating Flying Orb Ball

360 Degree Rotating Flying Orb Ball

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1. Newest upgraded model due to the upgraded motor, enhanced spherical design, and triple battery life, this flying orb ball toy is a completely re-imagined version of previous models that flies better, faster, and longer than ever before!

2. Strong and safe aircraft body, this spherical mini-drone for kids is made of high-quality non-toxic PP material that is flexible & elastic it withstands countless collisions, bouncing back to resist damage when it falls or collides with obstacles.

3. 360° rotating auto fly & hover are all hand-controlled, operating without the use of remote control. Turn on the power button and hold the mini orb/drone upwards, then gently shake to make the spin start, throw upwards to fly it turns around to boomerang back, throw downwards to get it flying in a straight line. You control the flight path with your hand. To stop gently shake, switch to off mode.

4. The hand-operated orb has dazzling colorful lights, increasing the fun of night flying.

5. Learn endless acrobatic tricks, fly it like a boomerang, or hover it like a bee.

5. For indoors & outdoors in good weather.

6. Cool gift for girls & boys birthday gift, Christmas, prize & reward gift.

7. USB cable charging.

Suitable from age 7 years- adult.

Keep away from hair when spinning.

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